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Transition From Django

If you are coming from Django you are probably wondering which features are offered here and to which Django features they correspond. To help you with this, here are some guidelines on getting used to this system.

ModelAdmin Configuration Options

Django as a myriad of configuration options on its ModelAdmin. Not all features are supported here and they are distributed differently (due to the nature of this library), so here is some guidance on getting around.

First of all, you have to know that we split things a bit more up around here because we are already based on other libraries. Roughly speaking though we can define some equivalents:

  • Django’s ModelAdmin is closest to views.CRUDView. Here we perform basic configuration actions, set routes and so on. However, contrary to Django not all configuration is performed here. And instead of a registration of the ModelAdmin with the Model, we define a Form on it that in turn links to the model.
  • The Form subclasses forms.ModelForm. There is no equivalent in Django, as it creates the form automatically from the relation between the model and the admin class. However, because of the way the integration works (the form is actually created by WTForms-Alchemy) we need this form. This is the place where you configure behavior on actual form instances.
  • The Model in turn is very close to that of Django. But since our systems are not so closely integrated, the coupling is much lower (which can be good or bad). The models are mostly just SQLAlchemy models with some additional configuration done by WTForms-Alchemy.

Now that you know how the parts are constructed take a look at the following table. It lists each Django option on ModelAdmin and provides the equivalent in either this library, WTForms-Alchemy or SQLAlchemy. If a behavior is not supported here yet, it is denoted by “NYI” (not yet implemented).

Django Us
actions Adding Actions to Forms
actions_on_top NYI
actions_on_bottomg NYI
actions_selection_count NYI
date_hierarchy NYI
exclude Form.Meta.exclude
fields Form.Meta.only
fieldsets ModelForm.fieldsets
filter_horizontal NYI
filter_vertical NYI
form CRUDView.Form
formfield_overrides Adding/overriding fields
inlines ModelForm.inlines
list_display CRUDView.list_display
list_display_links CRUDView.list_display_links
list_editable NYI
list_filter NYI
list_max_show_all NYI
list_per_page NYI
list_select_related NYI
ordering NYI
paginator NYI
prepoulated_fields NYI
preserve_filters NYI
radio_fields NYI
raw_id_fields NYI
readonly_fields NYI
save_as NYI
save_on_top NYI
search_fields NYI
add_form_template NYI
change_form_template NYI
change_list_template NYI
delete_confirmation_template NYI
delete_selected_confirmation_template NYI
object_history_template NYI
save_model NYI
delete_model NYI
save_formset NYI
get_ordering NYI
get_search_results NYI
save_related NYI
get_readonly_fields NYI
get_prepopulated_fields NYI
get_list_display NYI
get_list_display_links NYI
get_fieldsets NYI
get_list_filter NYI
get_inline_instances NYI
get_urls NYI
get_form NYI
get_formsets NYI
formfield_for_foreignkey NYI
formfield_for_manytomany NYI
formfield_for_choice_field NYI
get_changelist NYI
get_changelist_form NYI
get_changelist_formset NYI
has_add_permission NYI
has_change_permission NYI
has_delete_permission NYI
get_queryset NYI
message_user NYI
get_paginator NYI
add_view NYI
change_view NYI
changelist_view NYI
delete_view NYI
history_view NYI
Media NYI